Charlie Wang

Charlie helps us build a better understanding between East/West cultures. 

Grace Lee

Grace is our media specialist, her expertise is reaching our Chinese supporters. 

Christine Eng

When it comes to web design and videos, Christine's assistance keeps us looking good on the Internet..

Karin Hanson

Karin handles donations made to offset the legal fees associated with our lawsuit against the city. You can reach her directly at (626) 864-8168.

if you are not a resident of the Highlands, but still live in arcadia, this affects you as well. so please, read on & consider joining  our  cause...







Carolyn Papp
Real Estate agent.  She lives in the Highlands and knows the truth about property values.

Meet Our Team leaders

​​Recent news                 AUGUST    2015

This problem isn't going to go away on its own. Real Estate agents, Developers and Builders see Arcadia as a gold mine ripe for the picking.  While they are only focused on profit, we are focused on our families, our homes and our community. We need your help to get more residents involved.



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Our Purpose:

We are a group of concerned

residents of the Highlands, a community of 850 homes in  the foothills above Arcadia

Over the last several years, real estate developers have begun changing the appearance of our city.  

Where once stood a 1950's single-family ranch home, now towers a huge  2-story, 6,400sq. ft. McMansion.  This trend seemed to begin in south Arcadia, and has steadily moved north. The charm and appeal of our neighborhood is quickly being eroded away, as developers like Mur-Sol and Bowden continue to build these massive structures.




     We told you that we were determined to do something about all the "McMansions" popping up all over Arcadia.  It is now official, the paperwork has been submitted to the City Clerk of Arcadia and soon we will be collecting signatures door to door.
  • RECALL EFFORT - Despite our efforts to convince city council members John Wuo, Roger Chandler and Sho Tay that an overwhelming majority of residents want a stop to "McMansion" construction, they have refused to listen.  We feel that our only option at this point is to remove them from office.  If you would like to help our efforts, please contact us.
  • NEWSLETTER ONLINE- In case you didn't receive a copy of our first newsletter, we have made it available to you online.  CLICK HERE.
  • Call City hall and ask for answers- We have stated at several City Council meetings that Mayor Wuo and Councilman Chandler should not participate in discussions involving real estate development in Arcadia due to their close ties to developers.  Despite this, they have continued to have an active voice in promoting the continued construction of these unwanted homes.  Contact them and ask them why they refuse to follow basic, state mandated,  Conflict of Interest guidelines. 
    Call Mayor Wuo at (626) 574-5403
    Call Mr. Chandler at (626) 574-540

Shelly Chu

Door to Door specialist, Shelly breaks down the barriers and gets our message heard.

Tim Burch

Tim points out that 95% of the houses in the Highlands are only about 2,300 sq ft., compared to the proposed mansions at 6,000+ sq.ft.

Recently, ROGER CHANDLER made some pretty ridiculous statements as he tried to defend his position in support of "McMansion" construction.  Well, we're not gong to allow him to spread lies about the BALLOT INITIATIVE.  CLICK HERE to Watch the VIDEO of him at a recent city council meeting and the incredible effort that he makes trying to justify his actions.  

 We have filed a lawsuit based on the environmental impact that these houses are having on our community.  If you have any a similar situation in your neighborhood, contact us and we will help you defend your rights as a property owner in Arcadia.